Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Fat Femme?

Well, for starters, because I'm fat, and I'm femme.

This is me:

OK, maybe not.

It feels like it, though, sometimes. The paths we take on the journey to ourselves are sometimes hard, frought with the perils of the opinions of others.

How often are we told that we'd be prettier if we weren't fat?

How often are we told that being so feminine is pandering to the dominant patriarchy, that it is counter-productive to the work of feminism and equality?

I say screw that.

Women are beautiful in all shapes, sizes, colors and presentations.

Most of my eye shadow come from Mixology Makeup.

I happen to be fat and femme, and I believe those are two things that don't get enough love and positive attention in our society. In my Laboratory, fat femme rules.

The products I make aren't limited to women who are fat or femme. The goal of Fat Femme Laboratory is to create a wide variety of items intended on making you and your world more beautiful, more sparkling, and more fun.

I got the cord for my necklace from Walk In the Woods LLC.

I believe that our world should be filled with sparkle, beauty and fun, and the products I create embody that. Life is serious enough - your accessories don't have to be!

My wife & I

Often, women have a hard time making themselves the center of their priorities. Sometimes we need a little reminder of how beautiful we really are.

I hope each of you take a moment to recenter your priorities often, because who can take care of you better than you?

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